The Future CFO Magazine

4th Edition: October 2017

Cover Story:

We question the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)’s commitment to professional qualifications and articulation into the university system, and applaud professional bodies for designing exemption and articulation policies that facilitate student transition from academic degrees, to their desired professional designation; but wonder why the same cannot be said of universities?

What's in this issue?
  • The SAICA-CIMA Membership Pathway Agreement:  Is This A Game Changer?

  • Are You Preparing For Exams, Or Career Success? 

  • Strategic Acumen: Do Accountants Really Get It? 

  • Changing My Mindset From Financial Accounting to Management Accounting.

  • 30 Minutes With Simon The Big Mouth.

  • Leadership Quotes: 2nd Round and 1st round Winner.

Unsung Heroine:

  • Professor Elmarie Sadler, Executive Dean of the College of Accounting Sciences at the University of South Africa (Unisa) and Global Head of The CFO Case Study Competition 2017.

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