How it works?

            The ACCA Qualification has three stages of Exams, plus an Ethics and Professional Skills module and Professional Experience Requirement.


            You are required to complete 3 stages of exams Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills and Strategic Professional.

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            Ethics & Professional Skills

            Students should complete the Ethics and Professional Skills module ahead of taking the Strategic Professional exams

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            Practical experience 

            You need three years’ practical experience in a relevant role to qualify.

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            Why Study ACCA?

            • Be recognised in South Africa and globally.

            • Combine finance and strategic business skills

            • Demonstrate ethics and professionalism.

            • Boost your employment and/or earning potential. 

            New to ACCA?

            Who Is Eligible To Join And How To Get Started?

             Senior Certificate

             Issued by the Matriculation Board

            Yes, you can  register to start the ACCA Qualification if you meet these requirements:

            • Completion of 6 subjects

            • 5 subjects passed in one sitting

            • Minimum aggregate mark of 45% is obtained

            • 3 subjects passed at Higher grade
              2 passes in a language (one at Higher Grade)

            Passes in English and Maths

             National Senior Certificate

             Issued by the Matriculation Board

            Yes, you can register for the ACCA Qualification if you meet these requirements:

            • Students must take 6 subjects

            • 2 subjects must be languages

            • 1 subject must be Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy

            • 1 subject must be Life Orientation

            • 1 subject must be English

            Students must achieve a grade 3 (40% ) or higher

             Matriculation to University or  Prior Learning Recognition

            Matriculation to University with Bachelor or Masters can allow you to start the ACCA Qualification.

            RPL - Got Diploma | Bcom | Bcompt | MBA or other?

            Yes, you Qualify!  If you have a relevant degree or qualification but this is only granted at ACCA’s discretion once you are a registered ACCA student and not before.  To follow this route, you need to register as an ACCA student on ACCAGlobal website, pay the required registration fee (which you can also pay through CharterQuest as a separate remittance fee and we pay ACCA on your behalf) and then submit your qualification documents required by ACCA for the exemptions process. 

            NB: Colleges are not authorised to evaluate qualifications and/or grant exemption advice. Only ACCA has this discretion.

            More info? Click here to visit the ACCA Exemption Calculator to help you find out if the qualification you have studied gets you exemptions.  

            NB: Colleges are not authorised to evaluate qualifications and/or grant exemption advice. Only ACCA has this discretion, check the exemptions here.

            Step 1 
            Register with ACCA

            Check your entry requirements on above section and start the process to register with ACCA on ACCA Global Website to get your myACCA Student Number!
              REGISTER NOW

            Step 2 
            Claim Exemptions

            If you Qualify to claim exemptions, register through Prior Learning Recognition or various ACCA Pathway Routes Claim your Exemptions accordingly.

             Step 3 
            Register for Classes

            You can study your ACCA with us part-time, full-time, evening, weekend or home study/online as defined in our study options section.  


            Step 4
            Book for Exams
            To take your ACCA AB, FA, MA & LW On-Demand CBEs, you will need to register here. 

            The rest of the exams from Fundamentals Skills & Professional Level should be booked directly with ACCA via your myACCA account.

             Study Options

            TEPP - Tuition & Exam Preparation Package

            We are so confident of our tuition delivery methodology that we do not hesitate to guarantee our students a 1st TIME PASS under this Tuition & Exam Prep Package. 

            Our 1st Time Pass Guarantee  

            EPOP - Exam Preparation Only Package 

            Join us during Exam Revision Phase where we drill down to all exam techniques and get you prepared for the Final Exam! 

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            E-Campus - Online Classes (Home Study)

            Our Online Study Option that allows you to study at your own pace with unlimited study resources to help you achieve your 1st Time Pass!

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            Fees & Study Options Benefits

            Deposit 20% & pay balance over 1 - 6 months.
            On Mobile? Click Study Option header to view fees.
            All Subjects Except SBL

            Online Classes Promo!
            Tuition Fees per subject R 6 250 R650 R 2 499
            SBL (Discounts do not apply)
            Tuition Fees for Strategic Business Leader R13 800 R650 R4 999
            Benefits per module to fees above
            Up to 12 Online/Livestream Sessions of Tuition & Exam Preparation (3-hour session per subject/week) 




            Recorded Videos - Uploaded within 2 workings after class

            Up to 3 Online/Livestream Sessions of Exam Preparation classes (3-hour session per subject/week)







             Kaplan Study Text (eBook or Hard copy)

             Kaplan Exam Kit (eBook or Hard copy)

            BONUS - BPP Exam Kit (eBook or Hard copy)

            CBE Progress Mocks/Tests marked by the lecturer with review feedback & detailed solutions

            2 Progress Tests + 2 Mocks

            2 Progress Tests + 2 Mocks
             Home Study Kit/Scheme of Work & e-Course Notes 

            Interactive Online Support incl WhatsApp Groups

             9months Online Access with 1st Guarantee

            TEPP or Face-to-Face Classes will not be running during Lockdown Level 3!

            For more information email us.


            1. Pre-reading Phase

            This phase starts upon enrolling for the course and receiving our pre-reading materials. The goal of this phase is to help you become familiar with 5 selected case studies (from Past SBL Exams) to help apply the requisite exam competencies during the tuition phase (phase 2).

            The 5 case studies include:

            • Railco (& Model Answer)

            • Cofold Construction (& Model Answer)

            • SmartWear (& Model Answer)

            • HiLite’ hotels (HiLite) (& Model Answer)

            • Machine Shop (& Model Answer)

             You will also receive the Kaplan SBL Study Text & Kaplan SBL Integrated Workbook/Slides for your preview, focusing on ACCA's definition of 'Ethics & Professional' skills to be honed during the tuition phase: Communication  | Commercial Acumen   | Analysis  | Scepticism  | Evaluation.  

            You will need to come very prepared to benefit most from the course!

            2. Tuition Phase

            This comprises  4 contact weekend sessions (7hrs * 4 = 28 hours).  During this phase, we use the 5 case studies reviewed during the pre-reading phase, to teach the full SBL syllabus at a very high level as required to succeed at the final exam. The 5 case studies combined, have been written to be of immediate relevance in teaching the 9 core SBL examinable competencies: leadership; governance;  strategy; risk; technology and data analytics; organisational control and audit; finance in planning and decision-making; innovation, performance, excellence and change management).

            3. Exam Preparation (Revision Phase)

            This phase also comprises of 4 contact weekend sessions (28 hours) coupled with a number of non-contact sessions directed by CharterQuest. It starts with a Progress Test, designed to assess your integrative, broad and high-level understanding of the 9 core SBL examinable competencies, whilst introducing the ACCA’s SBL marking grid (technical versus professional skills).

            The focus of this phase is to build your exam techniques, by attempting a series of mock exams -and debriefing the model answers, with a determined focus on the exam marking grid. We delve deeper into how to earn 'technical marks versus professional marks', how to build an answer, and sharing with you insights from several webinars held with the chief examiners of the new SBL module in relation to how marks are earned and allocated. 

            This phase ends with a final mock exam, a 4-hour exam standard exam which you write under exam conditions, and it is marked and debriefed in our final contact session. Should you only want to join at the Revision Phase, this will cost R7250.  

            Semester 2 Enrolments Open (R2499 Per Module).

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            BUY ACCA Books (eBooks/HardCopy)

            R2499 per Module | 9 months Access | Pay 20% Deposit & Balance over 6 months!

            Package Benefits

            • Up to 12 Online/Livestream Sessions of Tuition & Exam Preparation (3-hour session per subject/week) search timetable

            • Recorded Class Videos - Uploaded within 2 working days after class

            • Kaplan Study Text   (hardcopy or eBook) 

            • Kaplan Exam Revision Kit  (hardcopy or eBook) 

            • e-Course Notes

            • 2 Online Progress Tests marked by the lecturer with review feedback & detailed solutions

            • 2 Online Mocks marked by the lecturer with review feedback & detailed solutions

            • Home Study Kit/Scheme of Work 

            • Interactive Online Support incl WhatsApp Groups

            • 9 months Online Access covering 2 exam sittings

              - INCLUDES BONUS PACK

            SBL Online Package - R4999 per semester. Only SBL Online Package comes with pre-recorded videos.

            Learn More About the SBL Classes Structure 

            Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

            Full Online Study Package

            Livestream (in-depth) tuition classes covering the full syllabus, Kaplan e-Study text + Revision Kit, and e-course notes, online access to question banks. Online Access open for 9 months!

            BONUS: BPP Revision Kit

            Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

            1st Time Pass Guarantee

            We guarantee that you will pass first time!

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            Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


            Study at your own pace, realtime, from home or indeed anywhere! Recorded Videos will be available within 2 workings after your class!

            Visit e-Campus 


            eBooks & Hard Copy Books Available - Local & International Deliveries Available!

            Sample of Videos & Interactive Online Classes

            SBL Sample of Livestream Class
               PM Sample of Livestream Interactive Class 

            Register Now!

            Classes Starting from 03 September | Registration Closes 31 August

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