Note from the Managing Editor - February 2017 edition

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By CharterQuest, 04 November 2019

The Future CFO Magazine has just unveiled its second edition: packed with piercing career decision focused interviews, thought-provoking articles and inspiring stories that will capture your imagination; and power you right through 2017 –obviously, ONLY if you act on the tips and stay tuned in. Let’s get right into it! 

Our cover page story is Team Athena from the Copperbelt University in Zambia: four inspiring students in their early 20s; winners of the 2016 and maiden edition of our globally-acclaimed annual show piece –The CFO Case Study Competition. They exemplify the results of hard work, team work and a sheer determination; to put into action, their finance and business education - bringing the global and employer spotlight on their status as future CFOs & global business leaders.

In our flagship piece, ‘High School to Chartered Accountant,’ we reveal one of South Africa’s best kept secrets about alternative journeys to this coveted designation, and then compare all three pathways: CA (SA), CIMA and ACCA. We find some marked similarities and differences to marvel you! Then, we briefly delve into the pathways of two of South Africa’s top CFOs who have made this journey –Deon Fredericks of Telkom SA and Fathima Gany of Parsons Brinkerhoff Africa. They both demand more business acumen from accountants and either contrast the impact of different pathways on their careers or propose the requisite education changes we need in order to groom more rounded finance leaders. 

In ‘Business acumen: Do accountants really get it?’ we go straight into the heart of the issue, probing

your readiness and then proposing remedies. In “Road to innovative credibility,’ we zoom into the path to your creative problem solving genius –rest assured employers pay a premium for this: whilst in ‘Integrated Reporting, then Integrated Thinking,’ we reprimand leaders who propagate that Integrated Reporting informs Integrated thinking –accountants are simply too late in the game! We then, in ‘Building great brands,’ applaud marketing but challenge finance to get past marketing ROI if they are to remain relevant in any credible brand building effort. We cannot keep insisting on ROI -mindful of its limitations! 

‘The Future CFO,’ The More You Know, the more informed your Business Career Decisions.

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