CGMA Corporate Professional Pathway (CPP Route)

The Corporate Professional Pathway is designed with multiple entry points to the CIMA Professional Qualification based on your work experience in finance, accounting and business functions. This pathway has two different entry points. Through this   route,you are recognised for and awarded exemptions based on your work experience and only CIMA can evaluate your work experience once you send them your CV.

Entry Requirements

Operational Case Study Level

Costing and/or budgeting

Analysing the structure of the organisation as well as cross-functional communication

Preparing part of or entire financial statements including group accounts


Management Case Study Level

Making product and pricing decisions

Dealing with stakeholders and implementation of projects

Performance evaluation of divisions or component parts

Knowing how the business impacts on the financial statements and ability to analyse the performance of the organisation through financial stateme nt



Entry Routes - Fees

OCS Entry

£  1500   .00

Includes OCS Classes via CharterQuest

MCS Entry

 £ 2500 .00

Includes MCS Classes via CharterQuest

CSEP Entry

£ 2400 .00

Excludes Classes & Study Materials

Included in Fee Above: Included in Fee Above:
Included in Fee Above:
CIMA Once Off Registration Fees (£77)
CIMA Once Off Registration Fees (£77)
CIMA Once Off Registration Fees
CIMA Exemption Fees
CIMA Exemption Fees
Management Case Study Exam fee 
OCS Tuition Fees (including study materials)
MCS Tuition Fees (including study materials)
Strategic Case Study Exam fee     
CIMA Exam Fee for 1 OCS Sitting
CIMA Exam Fee for 1 MCS Sitting
Next year’s subscription Fees 
Online access to F1, P1 & E1 refresher courses
Online access to F2, P2 & E2 refresher courses
Excludes Classes & Study Materials
Kaplan Study Textbook for E1, P1, F1 & OCS
Kaplan Study Texts for E2, P2, F2 & MCS

 The above fees in Pounds are payable to CIMA Global and where applicable CQ Tuition Fees are included. You will not be required to pay CQ separately for these classes/tuition fees, CIMA will pay CharterQuest. 

Our Study Recommendation

We have designed the CPP Route Course for you to pass your exam 1st time! Our Recommendation is that even though you qualify for the CPP Route (i.e. direct entry through the Case Study Exams), going directly to attend our case study course will require that your knowledge of E, P & F Pillar under the CIMA 2019 syllabus is up to date as the course mainly seeks to apply that knowledge to the case study. Please ensure you review the  CIMA 2019 Syllabus for E, P & F Pillar to confirm that your Work Experience covers the syllabus. If not, we strongly recommend that you refresh using the online content included in this course to help deepen your mastery of E, P & F Pillar Content and secure the vital tools you will need on the case study course instead of going direct. Experience teaches us that 90% of those who follow our advice pass 1st Time whereas 95% of those who do not often regret it!

Required Supporting Documents

  1. Academic certificates and transcripts

  2. Detailed CV – highlighting achievements, highlights, responsibilities, dates and title of each role held etc

  3. Certified ID or passport

To apply, send your documents via this link and we will forward your application to CIMA.