June 2022 CIMA to SAICA Membership Pathway

      SAICA Members:

      Eligible CAs(SA) looking to become CGMAs are exempt from 15 of CIMA’s 16 CGMA examinations and only need to complete the Strategic Case Study Preparation Course with a registered training provider, successfully complete CIMA’s Strategic Case Study exam and apply for ACMA/FCMA membership.


      CIMA Members:

      Eligible CIMA members wishing to become CAs(SA), on the other hand, no longer have to sit and pass SAICA’s first qualifying examination (the Initial Test of Competence (ITC)) but must, instead, register for an accredited Professional Programme and sit SAICA’s second qualifying examination (the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC)), which is written once in November/December every year.

      Transitional arrangements for CIMA members wishing to register as CAs(SA).

      These members can either:

      1. Elect to follow the conversion requirements outlined in the new agreement,


      2. Attempt the ITC in June 2022, January 2023 or June 2023 AND enter into a training contract to satisfy the practical experience requirements of the 2017 agreement. CGMAs who opt to follow this route have until 1 June 2022 to register for a training contract.

      CharterQuest Preparation Courses

      35% Development

      We are still in process of evaluating how we will support CIMA Members wishing to become CAs (SA)s under the new CIMA to SAICA Agreement. 

      If you are interested in joining our CIMA to SAICA Conversion course and you wish to receive further information, please register your interest by sending us an email  here .