About CTA Tuition Classes        

       In keeping with our mission: 'grooming financially qualified business leaders’, we have broadened our range of programme offerings to provide exam-focused tuition support towards Unisa’s market-relevant certificates and degree offerings in the area of accounting, finance, business management and leadership. 

      Our CTA (Advanced Diploma in Accounting Sciences) Course fits in this mission to students who are already registered with UNISA.

      Is this CTA Course For You?

      If you are already registered with a university (preferably Unisa) yes you can join the course. Students need to be registered with a university to receive our tuition support classes. To learn more about admission requirements, please visit the Unisa website.

      The course is designed for both CTA Level 1 and Level 2.

      How is this Course Structured?

      The course is structured around Unisa' s 5 modules:

      • Advanced & Applied Financial Accounting I (FAC4861/3);

      • Advanced & Applied Financial Accounting II (FAC4862/4);

      • Advanced & Applied Management Accounting ( MAC4861/2);

      • Advanced & Applied Auditing (AUE4861/2); and

      • Advanced & Applied Taxation (TAX4861/2).

      The support is structured as below:

      • Weekly CTA 1 & 2 exam-focussed classes -covering the Unisa CTA syllabus; 

      • Structured around Unisa’s 4 CTA test cycles (4 mock exams) and final exam/mock preparations;

      • Online account with full access to video-recorded classes, course notes and cross-campus and lecturer-supervised online CTA student chat rooms. (Level 2 Only) 

      Study CTA (Level 1 & Level 2)

      Classes Start Every February - Prepares you for each Unisa Test & the Final Exam!

      See below our 3 study options designed for this CTA Course.

      TEPP - W
      Tuition & Exam Preparation Package - Weekends Only 
      Includes Tuition Classes and 4 UNISA Tests Preparation Per Module

      EPOP - W
      Exam Preparation Package - Weekends Only 
      Prepares you to Write the Final UNISA Exam Only . Excludes 4 UNISA Tests Preperations Classes

      Home Study Package
      Online Classes and e-Course Notes + Prepration for 4 UNISA Tests

      Fees & Study Options Benefits

      Fees per Module by Study Option.  

      On Mobile? Click Study Option header above to view fees.

      Advanced & Applied Financial Accounting I (FAC4861/3); R3 950 R750 R3 950
      Advanced & Applied Financial Accounting II (FAC4862/4) R3 950 R750 R3 950
      Advanced & Applied Management Accounting ( MAC4861/2) R3 950 R750 R3 950
      Advanced & Applied Auditing (AUE4861/2) R3 950 R750 R3 950
      Advanced & Applied Taxation (TAX4861/2) R3 950 R750 R3 950
      Combo Fees (Discounted Fee When registering for all 6 Modules) R18,000 N/A R18,000
      Benefits per module to fees above TEPP - Weekends
      Starts from Feb to October.
      EPOP - Weekends
      Runs in August/September Only.
      HSP - Anywhere!
      Support open from February to October.
      Weekly CTA 1 & 2 exam-focussed classes -covering the Unisa CTA syllabus

      4 mock exams structured around Unisa's 4 Cycles

      Final Aug/Sept Exam Preparations

      Final Exam Mock Support

      Online video-recorded classes

      e-Course notes

      Lecturer-supervised online CTA student chat rooms

      95% Development

      CTMA Fees are being updated...

      90% Development

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      A good subtitle

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      Great stories have personality. Consider telling a great story that provides personality. Writing a story with personality for potential clients will assists with making a relationship connection. This shows up in small quirks like word choices or phrases. Write from your point of view, not from someone else's experience.

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